Alberta, Canada: The beautiful rocky mountains.

Alberta’s road trip through the beautiful rocky mountains.

When my friend Ioulia asked me to join her to go to Alberta I was stoked!

We started our adventure in Edmonton so we could pick up our friend Kimmy to go on a 5 day trip clocking 24 hours (1800km) in the car.

Day 1

We explored Edmonton including the indoor farmer’s market, we also went for an epic 3 hour meal at The Melting Pot.  The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant that served us a cheese, salad, broth & a chocolate course,  I don’t think I need to tell you that it was delicious but it was delicious.

Day 2

We drove almost 4 hours to Canmore, walked around the town and enjoyed a beautiful stroll around Bow River in the early afternoon.

Bow River, Canmore


Later in the afternoon we decided to go to Moraine Lake, in hopes to avoid the crowds we arrived at 6pm.  It was still quite busy but WOW, the lake was beautiful and the golden sunset on the water made it look like perfection.

This cute little girl was playing in the water and I couldn’t resist getting a photo!Banff National Park


Day 3

We woke up at 6:30am to get to Lake Louise before the crowds.  We arrived by 8:30am with 1/2 the parking spots still free.  We took some selfies and photos of the lake and then decided to tackle the Lake Agnes hike.  The hike was 3.8 km with an elevation of 385m (1200ft) and if you don’t have any idea what that means like us, it means it was the never ending climb that took approx. 2 hours,  We were greeted by lots of tourists, a rustic tea house with cold & hot teas and a beautiful view!

Lake Agnes HikeLake Agnes Tea House


Most people might think this was enough fun for one day but we disagree.  After the “fun” hike at Lake Louise we headed back towards Canmore and went to Sunshine Valley to explore Sunshine Meadows.  This was absolutely the most gorgeous place I have ever seen, from the viewing deck you feel so small in the vastness of this amazing space.  I am so happy a friend suggested this place to us because we would of never known about it.   We took a 22 minute gondola ride up, then a 10 minute ski lift to this beautiful meadow, even though we were exhausted from our morning adventures we decided we had to hike to the lake and explore. You could see the smoke from the B.C fires but it didn’t affect the view.

Sunshine Valley, Alberta

Sunshine Meadows, Alberta


Day 4

We woke up bright and early to begin our drive to Jasper.  This drive takes 4 hours without stopping but our adventure took 6 hours.

Our 1st stop was Peyto Lake, we didn’t go on a hike but it was really beautiful and I would of loved to explore a bit more here.

Peyto Lake


Our 2nd stop was a lookout off the highway to see Waterfowl lake.  I really loved this lake, with the sun shining and reflections on the water I took too many photos here 😉

Banff National Park


We encountered some traffic and quickly realized it was because 6 mountain goats had decided to hang out in the middle of the road.  The park ranger was there in his truck trying to get them to move, it was quite comical.  Of course we got out of the car to get some photos!

Elk, Jasper, Alberta


Our 3rd intentional stop was the Athabasca Glacier.  They offer tours to go walk on the glacier but we just hiked up to the base of the glacier (you can see people walking on the path in the left photo).

Sad Fact:  Since the late 1800’s the glacier has receded 60% due to global warming.

Athabasca Glacier

The lake at the bottom was very beautiful with wild flowers growing.

Rocky Mountain Glacier


The drive was full of beauty, honestly, everywhere you look it gets better and better.  Here is a view of the Icefield Parkway aka the only road between Banff & Jasper.

Icefield Parkway


We finally arrived to Jasper!!!  I really loved the vibe in Jasper compared to Canmore/Banff.

Really close to the downtown area was Pyramid Lake, this lake has lots of water rentals (canoes, kayaks, paddleboat, row boats).  From the middle of the lake you can see mountains in all directions.

Pyramid Lake

Jasper, Alberta

Sunsets & Mountains are 2 of my favourite things.  My travel buddy Ioulia is always happy to pose for me.  I think  she should blow this print up and hang it in her basement / yoga space!

As we were leaving we were checking out the near by lake,  I saw a herd of something in the water.  I drove up and pulled over to get the best look and there were approx. 8 elk having their nightly bath.  There were 2 grown females and 5 or 6 babies at the lake just chilling.

Elk in Jasper

On our drive out of Jasper at 8pm it was so colourful and gorgeous.  Of course my love of sunsets and mountains made me stop to get these photos.  These were taken at the same time in opposite directions.

Jasper sunset

A few minute after stopping for the sunset photos we came across a section of the Athabasca River, Jasper Lake we believe it was, with really shallow water.  People were walking all through the river, it was the perfect spot to walk in a freezing glacier river.  A minute after we left it was completely dark.

Jasper Lake


Day 5

We finally sleep in a little and leave our hotel just after 9am.  We head to Old Entrance B & B and Trail Rides for a horseback riding tour.  It took us through some steep trails and lead us to a beautiful view over looking mountains & rivers.

Old Entrance

I was given Spice to ride since I am comfortable on a horse.  Spice is a little lazy and needs constant encouragement to walk faster, it worked fine with me because I was also taking photos.  Yes, I was riding a horse and taking photos, I am seriously impressed I managed to get this photo that is only slightly blurry.

Horse back riding Hinton

After a 4 hour drive back to Edmonton we are now sitting in the hotel bar drinking delicious Kokanee gold beer & I am writing this blog.

I haven’t been to the mountains in years and had forgotten just how much I love the west coast, my 1st trip to Alberta was fantastic. 🙂



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