How to install Lightroom Presets

This tutorial is suitable for any Mobile Lightroom Presets.

#1  Install the FREE Lightroom app.

#2  Download the dropbox link to your phone or iPad.  When looking at the file in your photos the DNG file will look blank.  That’s ok 🙂

#3  Open Lightroom – ADD Photo (remember it’s a blank photo!) – Click … in top right corner – Click Create Preset (and label it).


#4  Apply preset by opening a photo you want to edit – at the bottom scroll all the way to the RIGHT – click “Preset” – select which preset you want to apply.


#5 Once the Preset is applied you can edit your photo further to make the preset work for you.   Many of my presets are a starting point, for example Product Pop only slightly adjusts exposure (brightness) and does not add any colour changes.  Product Pop’s goal is to add sharpness, contrast & texture to create a professional looking photo with your phone, you will still need to adjust your exposure and colour temperature.

TIP:  If you find you are always adjusting a preset similarly try saving your changes and create a new preset.  All you need to do is click … in top right corner – Click Create Preset (and label it). Reference the 2nd photo in #3 and follow steps to create a new preset!


My next blog will be covering my favourite editing tools in Lightroom, in the meantime here are great video resources from Adobe for Mobile Lightroom (click here). I highly recommend anybody watch that wants to up their editing game.

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