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By David Gibbins

From the autumn of the Roman Empire to the final days of Nazi energy, marine archaeologist Jack Howard and his crew of adventurers are sizzling at the path of history’s such a lot elusive and wanted treasure: the misplaced golden menorah of Jerusalem. And what they detect may switch the realm forever….

Deep underneath the windswept waters close to Istanbul, Jack and his crack staff of specialists have exposed a stunning clue to the site of the fabled treasure plundered in the course of the Crusades. in the meantime, in a dusty cathedral library, anyone finds a long-forgotten medieval map. jointly the 2 discoveries will clear up an historical mystery—and spark a race to prevent a present-day conspiracy of dazzling proportions.

From diving into the middle of an arctic iceberg to the final stand of a Viking warship to a rare revelation deep within the jungles of crucial the USA, Jack is headed instantly right into a globe-spanning conflict of civilizations, into an fabulous underground labyrinth steeped in blood and horrors—and to a war of words with a killer on a shattering campaign of his personal.

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He used to be exhilarated past trust they had made a discovery that can vindicate his dream, a stepping-stone to much more sensational reveals over the arrival days. The chain placed them correct on the key second in historical past, and confirmed they have been on the outer limits of the harbour the place the spoils from the Sack of Constantinople have been dumped. All that they had to do now was once paintings their method into the Golden Horn they usually should still hit pay dust. yet as ordinary Jack’s jubilation was once tempered by way of anxiousness. The strain used to be now on. They nonetheless had some distance to head. He knew they might need to hold bobbing up with the products for the experts to proceed boxing within the sea lane for them; the gun and the chain had proved him correct yet might additionally elevate expectancies. He regarded back on the waters of the Golden Horn, protecting his eyes opposed to the brilliance of the glare, and prayed fervently that it is going to reside as much as its identify. 2 MARIA DE MONTIJO SHIFTED virtually IMPERCEPTIBLY on her stool and in short close her eyes. It were their longest day within the cathedral precinct thus far, and regardless of the adrenaline that had sustained her hour after hour she knew her focus might quickly start to wane. open air, the uninteresting gray English afternoon was once starting to darken, and he or she may well listen the insistent patter of rain at the windowpanes. She straightened her again, blinked challenging and raised the palette together with her cleansing instruments to the sting of the body. within the utter silence of the room, time appeared to stand nonetheless, and all consciousness used to be occupied with the problematic trend of ink published through the microlight merely inches from her face. She breathed slowly and intentionally, on the finish of every exhalation bringing her brush to endure with a stability born of years of expertise. After fifteen mins she rocked backwards and passed the palette to her assistant. “That’s it,” she stated. “We’re entire. ” She rigorously pulled again the angle-lamp to bare the full inscription, the fabricated from greater than per week of painstaking labour. With the patina of centuries got rid of, the letters stood out crisp and black as though they'd been utilized basically days sooner than. Tuz ki cest estorie ont. Ou oyront ou lirront ou ueront. Prient a ihesu en deyte. De Richard de haldingham o de Lafford eyt pite. Ki lat fet e compasse. Ki ioie en cel li seit performed. The surprising spelling of the previous French purely served to deepen the secret of the fellow who had composed it. After a second of contemplation Maria became encouragingly to her assistant, a willowy younger guy with steel-rimmed spectacles, who eagerly leaned forwards to make the interpretation. “All those that own this paintings, or who listen, learn or see it, pray to Jesus in his godhead to have pity on Richard of Holdingham or of Sleaford, who made it and set it out, that he should be granted bliss in heaven. ” It appeared acceptable that Richard’s final phrases also needs to be theirs, that they need to end their activity on the spot the place the scribe had final lifted his quill from the parchment virtually 700 years sooner than.

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