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By Christina Stiles

In liberating Nethus, characters of degrees 11-15 discover the machinations of Midgard’s God online game through changing into energetic individuals in its play.

Pawns. that's what we're. Pawns in a divine chess online game. The gods play video games of strength and deception of their heavenly nation-states, relocating mortals at their whim. They ship us to battle, and sometimes to our deaths. They toss us apart after we not end up beneficial. the 1st gods have been made; they have been as soon as mortals who have been remodeled through wellsprings of strength. what's made, in fact, will be unmade. Even these born to divinity can definitely die and a person able to find such wellsprings can subscribe to the gods’ ranks. whereas those wellsprings might be locations of strength, they could even be the gods themselves—defeating even a lesser god releases “sparks” of divinity. One needs to basically safe those “sparks” sooner than others achieve them.
—The nymph Thetis, in the course of her imprisonment on Cystoseira within the Western Ocean

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As well as being a magnificent artworks honoring Hecate, it produces randomly fluctuating degrees of sunshine as homage to the goddess’s capricious methods. additional information approximately how this machine elements into the come across is within the following part. Creatures: status in among the candlesticks and the clockwork gadget are Nemea, her own bodyguards, and a mythic shadow wyrm that serves because the rakshasa’s puppy. even supposing regularly within the guise of a lunar oread, Nemea finds her normal shape in this come upon. like several rakshasas, she is poor to behold—her head is that of a midnight-black panther, her eyes are silver and pupil-less, and her claws glisten dangerously within the room’s light mild. Nemea’s bodyguards flank her. at the back of them is a huge shadow wyrm with unsettling purple feathers. once they pay attention or see the desktops input the room, Nemea rushes to the clockwork device’s heart. There, she prompts it, and its results begin instantly. They final until eventually disabled (DC 35 Disable gadget) or destroyed (AC 10, hardness 15, hp 60). As a clockwork-powered machine, it's not magical. whilst Nemea prompts the equipment, roll 1d6. For this variety of rounds, darkness envelops the room. The Nightbringers and shadow wyrm will not be affected in any respect by way of this, as they've got darkvision, however the swap in illumination may throw the computers off kilter. This darkness isn't really magical and will be counteracted via any basic capacity. as soon as the rounds of darkness are over, the machine will emit general gentle within the complete room for a similar variety of rounds. as soon as the normal-light rounds are over, the equipment will emit dim gentle within the entire room. as soon as these rounds elapse, the gadget back winks off—and this cycle maintains for so long as the equipment is lively. NIGHTBRINGER GUARDS (2) hp seventy two every one (see web page 30) safety AC 27, contact 18, flat-footed 19 (+7 Dex, +1 avert, +9 traditional) hp 162 (13 HD; 10d10+3d8++94) castle +11, Ref +15, Will +13 shielding skills Immune lycanthropy; DR 15/good and piercing; SR 25 four OFFENSE pace forty feet. Melee +1 kukri +20/+15/+10 (1d4+4/15–20), claw +10 (1d4+2), chew +10 (1d6+2) distinctive assaults realize recommendations Spells identified (caster point seventh; focus +11) third (5/day)—lightning bolt (DC 17), recommendation (DC 17) 2d (7/day)—acid arrow, invisibility, minor photograph (DC sixteen) 1st (7/day)—charm individual (DC 15), mage armor, magic missile, protect, silent picture (DC 15) 0—dancing lighting fixtures, observe magic, ghost sound (DC 13), mage hand, mending, message, prestidigitation Oracle Spells recognized (CL third; focus +7) 1st (6/day)—bane (DC 16), command (DC 16), doom (DC 16), inflict gentle wounds (DC 15), sleep (DC sixteen) 0—create water, discover magic, become aware of poison, stabilize, advantage secret moon strategies ahead of strive against at the beginning, Nemea avoids direct strive against with the computers. She in its place orders her minions to assault and alternately makes use of debuffing and offensive spells and skills. in the course of strive against as soon as she burns her lightning bolt and acid arrow spells, Nemea casts invisibility and closes for melee wrestle.

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