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By Lois McMaster Bujold

Komarr can be a backyard - with 1000 extra years paintings. Or an uninhabitable desert, if the terraforming fails. Now the sun reflect important to the terraforming of the conquered planet has been shattered via a boat hurtling off target. The Emperor of Barrayar sends his most modern Imperial Auditor, Lord Miles Vorkosigan, to determine why. the alternative isn't a well-liked one on Komarr, the place a betrayal a iteration prior to soaking wet the identify of Vorkosigan in blood. within the political and actual claustrophobia of the domed towns, are the Komarrans surrounding Miles dependable matters, power hostages, blameless sufferers, or rebels bidding for revenge? Lies inside lies, treachery inside of treachery - Miles is stuck in a race opposed to time to prevent a plot which could exile him from Barrayar ceaselessly. His burning wish lies in an unforeseen best friend, one with wounds as deep and honor as beleaguered as his personal.

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Best for you. " definite! That leaves yet another Barrayaran girl for the remainder of us. "You get alongside good with the locals, I take it. " Tuomonen's stiffness eased. "Mostly. apart from my partner's mother. yet i do not believe that is fullyyt political. " Tuomonen suppressed a small grin. "But our little daughter has her below entire keep watch over, now. " "I see. " Miles smiled again at him. With a extra considerate frown, he became the case over, dug his Auditor's seal out of his pocket, and keyed it open. "Has your research part red-flagged something during this for me? " "I am Serifosa's research section," Tuomonen admitted ruefully. His look at Miles sharpened. "I comprehend you are former ImpSec your self, my lord. i believe i might quite allow you to learn it over first, prior to I remark. " Miles's brows twitched up. Did Tuomonen no longer belief his personal judgment, had the arriving of 2 Imperial Auditors in his zone unnerved him, or was once he only seizing the chance for a few mutual brainstorming? "And what kind of file did you pull off the web on one Miles Vorkosigan, and speed-read ahead of you left the place of work simply now? " "I did that day earlier than the previous day, really, my lord, while i used to be notified you'd be arriving in Serifosa. " "And what used to be your research of it? " "About two-thirds of your occupation is locked lower than a need-to-know seal that calls for clearance from ImpSec HQ in Vorbarr Sultana to entry. yet your publicly recorded awards and seem in a statistically major trend following supposedly regimen courier missions assigned to you through the Galactic Affairs place of work. At nearly 5 occasions the density of the subsequent such a lot embellished courier in ImpSec background. " "And your end, Captain Tuomonen? " Tuomonen smiled faintly. "You have been by no means a bloody courier, Captain Vorkosigan. " "Do you recognize, Tuomonen, i think i'll get pleasure from operating with you. " "I desire so, sir. " He glanced up because the Professor entered the lounge, flanked by means of Tien Vorsoisson. Vorthys entire wiping his mouth along with his dinner serviette, crammed it absently into his pocket, and greeted Tuomonen with a handshake, then brought his nephew-in-law. As all of them sat back, Miles acknowledged, "Tuomonen has introduced us the id of our additional physique. " "Oh, good," stated Vorthys. "Who used to be the negative fellow? " Miles watched Tuomonen watch Tien and say, "Strangely sufficient, Administrator Vorsoisson, certainly one of your staff. Dr. Barto Radovas. " Tien's grayness grew to become a colour paler. "Radovas! What the hell was once he doing up there? " The surprise and horror on Tien's face was once real, Miles might have sworn, the shock in his voice unfeigned. "I hoped you've a few principles, sir," acknowledged Tuomonen. "My God. good . . . was once he aboard the station, or the send? " "We have not decided that but. " "I fairly cannot inform you that a lot concerning the guy. He was once in Soudha's division. Soudha by no means made any lawsuits approximately his paintings to me. He bought all his benefit increases correct to time table. " Tien shook his head. "But what the hell was once he doing . .

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