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By Rick Riordan

During this interesting moment installment of the three-book sequence, Carter and Sadie, offspring of the intense Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane, embark on a global look for the ebook of Ra, however the condominium of lifestyles and the gods of chaos are decided to prevent them.

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Brain your personal company, i presumed again at them. And maintain the boat going. ‘Um, Sadie? ’ Carter requested. ‘Why is your face turning crimson? ’ I proposal he used to be accusing me of blushing. Then i spotted he, too, used to be purple. the total boat used to be awash in ruby gentle. I became to appear prior to us, and that i made a legitimate in my throat now not too various from Khnum’s bleating. ‘Oh, no,’ I acknowledged. ‘Not this position back. ’ Roughly 100 metres sooner than us, the tunnel opened right into a large cavern. I famous the big boiling Lake of fireside, however the final time I hadn’t visible it from this perspective. We have been picking out up pace, heading down a chain of rapids like a water slide. on the finish of the rapids, the water become a fiery waterfall and dropped instantly down into the lake approximately half of one mile under. We have been hurtling in the direction of the precipice with completely no option to cease. hold the boat going, the group whispered with glee. hold the boat going! We most likely had below a minute, however it appeared longer. i guess, if time flies while you’re having enjoyable, it fairly creeps whilst you’re hurtling in the direction of your loss of life. ‘We’ve bought to show round! ’ Carter acknowledged. ‘Even if that wasn’t fireplace, we’ll by no means continue to exist the drop! ’ He begun yelling on the orbs of sunshine, ‘Turn round! Paddle! Mayday! ’ They fortunately neglected him. I stared on the flaming drop to oblivion and the Lake of fireside lower than. regardless of the waves of warmth rolling over us like dragon breath, I felt chilly. i noticed what had to take place. ‘“Reborn in fire”,’ I stated. ‘What? ’ Carter requested. ‘It’s a line from the publication of Ra. We can’t flip around. we need to pass over – directly into the lake. ’ ‘Are you loopy? We’ll expend! ’ I ripped open my magic bag and rummaged via my offers. ‘We need to take the send during the hearth. That used to be a part of the sun’s nightly rebirth, correct? Ra could have performed it. ’ ‘Ra wasn’t flammable! ’ The waterfall used to be purely twenty metres away now. My palms trembled as I poured ink into my writing palette. If you’ve by no means attempted to take advantage of a calligraphy set whereas status up on a ship, it isn’t effortless. ‘What are you doing? ’ Carter requested. ‘Writing your will? ’ I took a deep breath and dipped my stylus in black ink. I visualized the hieroglyphs i wanted. i wanted Zia have been with us. not only simply because we had get on well very well in Cairo – [oh, cease pouting, Carter – It’s no longer my fault she learned I’m the bright one within the kin] – yet simply because Zia used to be a professional with fireplace glyphs, and that’s simply what we would have liked. ‘Push up your hair,’ I advised Carter. ‘I have to paint your brow. ’ ‘I’m now not plunging to my dying with LOSER painted on my head! ’ ‘I’m attempting to prevent. Hurry! ’ He driven his hair out of how. I painted the glyphs for hearth and defend on his brow, and instantly my brother burst into flame. i do know – it used to be like a dream come actual and a nightmare, suddenly. He danced round, spewing a few very inventive curse phrases ahead of understanding that the hearth wasn’t hurting him. He was once easily encased in a protecting sheet of flames. ‘What, precisely –’ His eyes widened.

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